Florence and Pisa

26 Apr

On the map, Florence (Firenze, in Italian) doesn’t seem to be a big city, and it isn’t. The size is only about 10×10 km. Do you know people can walk 5 km per hour on average? So within a day, you should be able to finish the whole city. But taking the time to climb the 278 ft bell tower at the Piazza del Duomo is a different story, even though it’s no comparison to the Cologne Cathedral (471 ft) as we had done it before.

The Piazza del Duomo is the center of the city and most tourists flock over there, in addition to a few famous museums including the Accademia Gallery which houses Michelangelo’s David. It happened to be a cultural week when we were at Rome/Florence. So there’s no need to pay for entering all national museums. However, you WILL have to pay for the “reservation” (for a few euros each person) in order to bypass the long, long, long waiting line of people without “reservation”. Another way to get you, huh?

The Accademia Gallery doesn’t allow photograph. So don’t expect I have any here. Quite a few security guards were around David. Most people don’t dare to pull out their cameras to shoot. But guess what? Some go around and shoot David‘s butt. Well, if that satisfies them and not being caught, why not? There are a few copies of the statue in various places of the city. They only charge you for the air you’re breathing to take pictures.

Beside Piazza del Duomo is the fashion shopping district. Many expensive brands are available. Sometimes a same brand will have two locations just two street blocks apart. I am not able to tell you how expensive they are though, comparing to other cities. It’s not my expertise. I’m just the one who signs the credit card bills and carry the bags, for my love.

Pisa is one hour away from Florence by train. What you can see is pretty much what you’ve expected, the leaning tower, from many different angles, with all kinds of poses you can think of — pushing it up (most popular one), pulling it down, hugging it, jumping from it. Once all these photos were done taking, so did the excitement. There are a few more church buildings and museums close by and we bought combo passes to see them all. But after we’ve seen the big, famous ones at Berlin, Cologne, Paris, Vienna, these little ones don’t seem to be magnificent any more.

Alright, enough talking. Here are the 59 photos for you to enjoy.

(Click on thumbnails to see the slideshow. Some photos are best viewed at larger size. The link for higher resolution is available directly above each image once you click on it. The browser is likely automatically fit the image into the size of your browser window. If you see a magnifying mouse pointer, click inside the image again to see 100% of the image.)


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3 responses to “Florence and Pisa

  1. Otto

    June 4, 2011 at 12:04 am

    Dear Jenson,
    Thank you for your email and the attached beautiful pictures.
    You have an enviable talent and sense for choosing the locations and your technical knowledge is “the icing on the cake”.

    Conclusion: your pictures were the last drop which made us decide to go to Rome and Florence and take with us our grandchildren to show them the beauties from your pictures.
    Best regards,
    Otto Blau


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