30 Apr

(This is the last of three parts of our Italy trip.)

If you haven’t been to Venice, it will take your breath away the moment you walk out of the train station. That’s the excitement we have experienced. We of course had heard about it many times from different sources. But to be there and see it with your own eyes, it’s just unbelievable. Once the water bus started leaving the dock, I just couldn’t help but kept snapping pictures. It’s like a kid entering into a wonderland.

There are countless streets, bridges and squares (piazza) in Venice. No matter how good you are with maps, you will eventually get lost. Many times you might think one is a deadened street. But if you have a little faith and walk towards it, you will find it connects to another. So the best way to explore the city is just do so aimlessly for the first few hours, put your map away, then in the afternoon, slowly find your way back. After all, it’s on an island. How far could you have gone?

I don’t remember ever having so many pastas and pizzas in one place. But that’s all you want to eat — all different kinds. They just taste so much better than what we have in North America. On the 2nd and 3rd day, we were virtually “hunting” for pizzas and saving them as snacks for the evening when we were back to hotel, because apparently most of the shops only serve pizza for lunch. The taste of their pastas are so good that we even brought some back to Canada. And the gelato (ice cream), oh my lord. There are no simple words that can describe how good they are. On the last day, we must have had it four or five times when wandering through the city.

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