Food Photography for Dancap Catering Inc

25 May

(As part of the consolidation of my pictures on the ‘Net, I’m transferring this set of photos from my Flickr page, plus a few more. The reason of not using Flickr as my main photo site is explained here.)

The story: Dancap Catering is one of the divisions of the company I’m currently working for. It not only provides prix fixe dinner for show patrons of it’s sister company, Dancap Producitons, but also provides catering service for any events. In an effort of marketing the service, the company needed some food photos taken of what they can offer and I volunteered.

Unlike in some food photography where chemicals were used to make their foods look good  — WD-40? Yuck! what we had in these foods only contain natural eatable ingredient. I admit that I even took some home for dinner after the photo sessions were done and they were no longer needed in their kitchen. The equipment I used? Nikon D5000 and 18-55mm lens were all I had at the time, and natural light coming from a big frosted window on the side. I added the title for each photo except the last one. That photo wasn’t required by the chef. But I photographed it  anyway with just a few grains, to present an artistic conception of natural foods.

Copyright © 2011. Jenson Yu. All rights reserved.

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