Paris – Shopping

04 Jun

We visited Paris in December, probably not the most busy time for fashion shopping. But it could be because of Christmas time, the shopping malls and vicinity were very crowded, particularly in the evenings and on the weekends. I think 90%, if not 100%, of female human species believe shopping in Paris is like visiting heaven, metaphorically speaking. We stayed in Paris for 8 days. My dear beloved dragged me to the Galeries Lafayette 3-4 times. Now multiply that to half million visitors every week.

If you know me, you can tell I’m not here to talk about fashion, or any kinds of shopping experiences. As I’ve said in a previous post, I was just “happily” accompanying the missus and signing the bills. And I just gave you the explanation that there won’t be any pictures below showing clothes, shoes, hats. Sorry for the disappointment. But instead, pictures that are more to public interests, with bias to men (e.g. cars ;)).

Although not much experiences to share with you, I do want you to be mindful about scammers. One day we were walking down the side street off Champs-Élysées, two men drove by and told us they came from Italy and were in Paris to attend a fashion show, they were able to get some discounts and like to take us along with them. Yeah right. Good luck to them to scam a couple with three master degrees.

At the airport when we were trying to find the tax refund office, I asked one of the clerks working at the security check. We’ve already known of the arrogance of French people. But this dude was more of prick. “It’s your money. I’m not supposed to tell you where it is. But just for this time … there is a mailbox over there and you can mail the forms.” Later we found out the refund office was just 30 feet away.

Anyway, in general, Paris is a pleasant city to see, full of histories, lots of art galleries and delicious foods, except the pick pocketing incident (I’ll tell that story in another post). We are likely going back again.

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