Flowers by David

22 Jul

Our friend, David, is an experienced photographer. He took lots of landscape pictures on his trips to northern and western China, and most of the pictures are stunning. He’s also an enthusiast in photography in sense of the gears he owns, Canon 5D Mark II and 7D, a few prime lens including 35mm, 135mm and also a tele 400mm. He still uses a Nikon film camera occasionally. He always seduces me to move to full frame bodies. Tempted, but I’m not used to the weight of those big guys and they could be overkill for vacation travels.

I snapped a couple of pictures of him the other day when we were BBQ-ing at their house. The facial expression of him tells that it’s not an easy job, 😉 and will alway bring back the joyful memory in the years to come. The flower pictures, though, were all captured by him, using the 135mm lens (except the first one at 50mm), at Edwards Garden in a summer morning, and with natural lights only.

Needless to say, they all have an artistic feel. Two were converted into B&W. Mind you, they are just regular flowers, so common that you may already have them in your own yard. But being able to capture the moment, the light, the mood, and having the eyes for them, it takes knowledge and skills.

I’m sure if he put them up for sale (in a gallery, for example), many people will buy them and use them in their home decoration.

Copyright © 2011 Jenson Yu. All rights reserved.

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