Algonquin (I)

08 Aug

Panorama of one the lakes, composed of 9 images.

Algonquin is the largest provincial park in Ontario, covering 7,653 square kilometers. The park provides the largest camping area, the total longest walking trails, and is the most popular provincial park in the entire country. As it gets very cold and snowy in winters, most of the area are closed at that time. But during other seasons especially in the fall, the colorful landscape – perfect blue skies, calm and clear lake water and the red/yellow/green leaves – attracts many people for visiting.

We’ve been to Algonquin park a few times after we came to Canada. But that’s many years ago. Now we live much closer to the park, in just about two hours by drive, we can get to it’s west entrance. It was around this time last year. We made a rush decision to go see the sunrise at Algonquin park.

Sunrise and sunset are favorites of almost all scenic photographers. The dramatic tones, the warm colors, the high dynamic ranges – one cannot just turn away. It’s the most common phenomenon, it happens every day. Yet there are always people in some corners of the world taking pictures of them. To quote Michael Freeman’s book, The Photographer’s Mind, “… they seem to be magnet for cameras”, “… are one particularly universal example of a sight that is generally agreed to embody beauty.”

We set the alarm and woke up at 2 in the morning. It was still early when we reached the park and decided to take a nap but I miscalculated the wake-up time. At the time of sunrise, we could only settle by a lake side. The tree line on the horizon was blocking the view. That’s why you can’t find the sun in the pictures below. Then in the next few hours, we roamed along a few walking trails. The last few images were from the displays in the visitor center.

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One response to “Algonquin (I)

  1. Minna

    August 8, 2011 at 4:30 am

    Wow – Very inspiring photos!


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