Algonquin (II) Color of Fall

15 Aug

Everyone knows Canada is famous for it’s maple trees, hence the maple leaf symbol on it’s national flag, and it makes and supplies 80% of the world’s maple syrup. Just the province of Quebec (we Canadian call it the French quarter as it’s first official language isn’t English but French) alone makes up the 75% of global production.

In Toronto, along the Don Valley Parkway, you may get a glimpse of the fall color. It’s particularly exciting for new immigrants or first time visitors. When I was young, I was also told about the beautiful maple leaves growing in the northern part of our home country China, specifically, Xiang Shan near Beijing – 香山红叶. But I have yet had any chance to see it myself. Nonetheless, I think the Algonquin park, with it’s more than 7,500 square kilometers landscape, over 2,400 lakes and 1,200 kilometers’ streams, offers a more magnificent viewing experience of the maple trees.

This time, we went to the park at the beginning of October, right at the peak when it shows the most beautiful colors. Seeing all that, one cannot help but feel like a child starting to learn how to draw with crayons of all different colors. It’s hard to describe that kind of excitement. But you do feel the joy and peace given by the nature. Why do you think children like seeing the rainbows? It’s the same answer why people like seeing the color of fall.

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