Hong Kong

24 Oct

Panorama of Hong Kong island at night

Hong Kong is a popular place for travelers. But every time we go, we just passed it by and spent less than a day to see my uncle and his family. This time was no different. I was itching to compose a series of pictures to depict the local life style, and maybe tell a story, but just didn’t have the time.

Therefore, I could only show you a few pictures by the Victoria Harbour. For the scene at top, I intended to be a bit different than other people’s. So instead of framing just the iconic buildings on the right, I took 12 pictures covering about 150 degrees of the scene and stitched them together for this panorama image. But I had to take them without tripod for I only have a ballhead which works well for everything else except for panorama panning. The pictures inevitably show lots of blur due to hand shakes (low shutter speed) when viewing at 100%. The final image you see above (click to enlarge) has been downsized for the web and thus is not too bad.

Star Ferry Pier

The next three are decoration set up for mid autumn festival.

Avenue of Stars

Clock Tower

This is just to show off the effect of shallow depth of field at f/2.8 of the Sigma lens.

Modern skyscraper & old boat – a strong contrast

High rise residential building probably 100 stories tall

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