31 Oct

When my wife asked me how to celebrate our anniversary this month, I joked maybe we could go to Halifax and find those big lobsters again. She’s hooked onto the idea and in a rush we booked the flight tickets and also reserved a car from Halifax airport with our Airmiles points.

This is the second time we’ve been to Halifax, Nova Scotia, in the east of Canada. In 2005, started from Halifax, we drove along the coast line, to Cape Breton Island which by the way has a beautiful national park, to Prince Edward Island on a ferry, came back to Nova Scotia through the Confederation Bridge, then back to Halifax, about 2,000 Kilometers in 7 days. Also in that whole trip, we had had many fresh lobsters and mussels which became an unforgettable memory. Just thinking about it will make you drool.

When talking about lobsters in Halifax, we meant two things. The first, of course the lobsters you can eat in restaurants – the big guy in a red shell, couching on a plate, with a bowl of melted butter and a bowl of coleslaw on the side, so inviting. They also taste much better than what we can buy in Toronto, either because they really are fresher or because we are in a vacation mood. No matter what, mmm… yum yum !!!

The second is the lobster idols that used to spread in the downtown and tourist area of Halifax. These cute lobsters, with two big claws up in the air, attracted many tourists. On the last day of the 2005 trip, we went searching for these idols on purpose and found 13 of them (including one in Peggy’s Cove), all dressed up differently. For example, one wears Canadian Maple Leaf shirt, one is blowing a bagpipe, one is wrapped with newspaper scraps. To our surprise, when we revisited this time, they are not easy to be found. Other than the two at the airport before our return flight, we could only find another two by luck. When asked, some of the local people didn’t even know they ever existed. Then we were told the city auctioned them one by one to some business buyers. What a pity. Otherwise, tourists will have more fun. If you happen to know where they are (not including the four shown below), please let me know. On another note, Toronto downtown used to have a few moose idols as well. But for some reason which I don’t remember, they mostly disappeared.

We also went to Peggy’s Cove – a busy sightseeing spot just 30 kilometers west of Halifax. The most famous scene is the light house. And because of the tides, edges of the rocks in the area are all rounded and polished. In addition to the beautiful landscape people see, there are something artsy about this place too, which I’m trying to present to you from my images.

On the way back to Halifax, I took some pictures of the beautiful scenes.

Back to Halifax. This is a small lighthouse on an island away from the port.

The same tug boat is still there as the way we remember it.

Oh, lobsters!!! This is only a one-and-a-half pounder.

The 4 lobster idols we could only found.

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2 responses to “Halifax

  1. scottbradley2013

    August 1, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    How do I get in contact with you as I would like to inquire about purchasing rights to some of your photo to use?

    • Jenson Yu

      August 3, 2013 at 8:24 am

      Hi Scott, I’ll send you an email.


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