Salzburg: City of Mozart

10 Dec

This is the second time we went to Salzburg in 13 months, as mentioned previously. It’s one of the major cities of Austria and I think many people has been there as it’s also a popular place for tourists. It’s not large – size-wise. But it’s surely a beautiful city and we were just awed by the Austrian culture.

The Salzach River runs through the city and divides it by two. The Old Town lies on the west side of the river, where a monastery and bishopric were founded in 700 A.D. The city and the river got their name from early residents who earned their living in the region’s salt mines.

Sitting on the border of Germany and Austria, Salzburg is said to be the “heart of the heart of Europe”, and is also the city of Mozart, who was born here in 1756. Because of that, many tourists come to see the birthplace of one of the greatest musicians. The city is the setting for the Salzburg Festival, a world-renowned annual event that attracts music lovers, especially Mozart fans, from all over the globe. It’s also the setting for The Sound of Music that has been played for generations.

In addition to the Salzburg Dom (next post) which is the first deliberately Italian style church to be built to the north of the Alps, several beautiful castles and palaces are also worth of seeing: Hohensalzburg Fortress, one of the largest medieval castles in Europe, sitting on top of Festungsberg mountain; beautifully baroque Mirabell Palace and Gardens that has the Pegasus Fountain and four groups of statues (symbolized the four elements: air, fire, earth and water) are just across the river.

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2 responses to “Salzburg: City of Mozart

  1. Joseph

    December 11, 2011 at 4:04 pm

    We really like your pictures.
    I think the one with the Danube river is fantastic.
    We had diner once in spot very close from were you took the pictures and yours brought us back very good memories.

    • Jenson Yu

      December 11, 2011 at 4:21 pm




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