Crystal Worlds

09 Feb

Swarovski Kristallwelten. Do I even need to say more about Swarovski crystals? It’s likely the largest crystal manufacturer to produce precisely cut crystal jewelries, mini-sculptures and other home decorations, and has its products, if not it’s own stores, in almost every shopping district, displaying it’s famous swan company logo. Much less expensive than diamonds, yet still presented elegantly with a rainbow appearance (by the use of special metallic coatings), no wonder they are popular in jewelries. Their figurines, especially the miniature animals, are also very adorable.

The Crystal Worlds is just 15 minutes by bus from Innsbruck. We were looking forward to see demonstration of how their products were made. To our disappointment, that part of tour is company secret and not be shown. I doubt the manufacturing facility is even at the same location. Instead, the underground exhibition center only showcases the various, large and small, artsy figures created from or decorated with, of course, crystals. But that alone would be enough to let most visitors have an unforgettable experience.

A giant head with flittering eyes and waterfall outside of the exhibition center.

Crystal Chandelier

Fist-size diamond – uh, crystal

Crystal decorated horse

Seaweed and oyster

Objects from the stone age


Crystal Theater, color theme is changed every 15 seconds, demonstrating mystery and wonders.

Necklaces – I don’t suppose they are made of pearls in this context.

Parrot Earings

And, if you don’t mind the weight, how about wearing a bra made from crystals to show you’re a big fan?

Crystal Worlds in the Alps

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