Kitzbühel Alps

25 Feb

One hour by train, to the east of Innsbruck, we arrived at Kitzbühel.

Historically, Kitzbühel produced copper and silver. The town habitants became wealthy from the mines for decades. Several buildings from the 15th century are still standing, such as the relics of the town walls and the gates. Some of the miners’ houses still exist in the suburbs. The town attracted the eyes of the world all the sudden in the late 1920s as Edward VIII, Prince of Wales, King of United Kingdom (reigned for only 326 days), later Duke of Windsor, came for a visit with his lover Wallis Simpson. Following his footsteps, the rich and famous upper class folks in Europe flocked to this town and created a nice skiing resort area among the Alps. Nowadays, the Kitzbühel Alps are Austria’s largest skiing area.

Most activities occur in the winter time, skiing, curling, ice skating, hang gliding and so on. There are some activities in the summer but with much less visitors. We took the cable car to the uppermost station then walked down along the trail. On a Thursday afternoon in June, we had the entire mountain to ourself – that is, not counting the adorable cows. Yes, this is the mountain where I pet the cows that I wrote about in a previous post. At 6000 ft on top of the mountain, we could almost touch the sky and the clouds. Looking around at the beautiful Alps, 360 degree, it’s like heaven no one ever wants to leave.

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