Zugspitze & Garmisch-Partenkirchen

13 Mar

Our Austria tour didn’t end in Austria. Crossed the north border, we wanted to see more of Alps in Bavaria, southern part of Germany. The Zugspitze, at 2,960m (9.709 ft) above sea level, is the tallest mountain peak in Germany. At the summit, one can have a panoramic view of both Bavarian (Germany) and Tyrolean (Austrian) Alps. At the back of Partenkirchen railway station, we took the cog railway train, travelled to a higher altitude plateau, Zugspitzplatt, then connected to a cable car which took us to the top of Zugspitze.

What caught us totally off guard was the weather. At the bottom of the mountain, it was nice and calm. But at the top, in the middle of June, there was a snow storm with strong wind at 30 miles per hour. It wasn’t easy just to stand straight. Holding out the camera steadily was impossible. So it’s a bit regretful.

At the top of Zugspitze

On the way down, we took another route – the Eibsee cable car, that descents to a station near the Lake Eibsee.


Looking at Zugspitze from a distance is much easier.

Although we didn’t have the alpine view from Zugspitze, the visit of the nearby town was merrier. Originally separated by the Partnach river, the two villages of Garmisch and Partenkirchen were united by Adolf Hitler for the Winter Olympic Games to be held here in 1936. The 1940 Winter Games was slated to be hosted here as well but the event didn’t take place due to World War II. The towns make up Germany’s top alpine resort for hiking, skiing and mountain climbing. They also maintain the charm of an ancient village, especially Partenkirchen.

I’m sure each wall painting has a good story behind it.

St. Martin church in Garmisch

In Germany, boar meat ranks among the highest priced types of meat and is as much part of high standard cuisine as venison. Wild boar have been hunted in Germany since ancient times. Regulated hunting on private lands and state forests is a popular sport and officially fostered.

Cow statue outside of train station

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