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If you notice I haven’t posted much lately, that’s because I have to study for some certification exams, and the first one is coming up in April. Work in the day and study in the evening. Whoever has done this before knows how hard it is. Since photography and blogs are just my hobbies and I don’t make any money off them, they will have to go down to a lower priority.

Austria only has a few direct international flights for us to fly home – we don’t like connection flights. (We almost missed the regional flight from Munich to Vienna at the beginning of this trip.) However, it’s more flexible at Munich. Plus, it gave us a chance to re-visit and took a better look of the city, and, at the previous time I didn’t have a good camera ;-).

Feldherrnhalle (Field Marshal’s Hall) at the Odeonsplatz, built on the request of King Ludwig I who wanted to honor his Bavarian generals.

Residenzmuseum on Residenzstrasse, the former royal palace. Notice the drawing on the wall. The place was restored after almost total destruction in World War II.

Hofgarten, a Renaissance court garden created between 1613 and 1617, during the reign of Duke Maximilian I. It is laid out as an Italian formal garden and features a domed temple (Temple of Diana) crowned with a bronze figure symbolizing Bavaria.

Simply using the Color Outline feature on the camera, it turns into this:

From inside of Temple of Diana, viewing Theatine Church at the Odeonsplatz.

The monument as a memorial for King Maximilian Joseph and National Theatre at Max-Joseph-Platz.

The Old Town Hall on the east side of Marienplatz.

The New Town Hall is constructed in the Flemish Gothic style. Its facade is more than 90m (300 feet) in length.

The clock tower of the New Town Hall.

The Glockenspiel (glocken: bells; spiel: play) at Marienplatz Munich, the fourth largest in Europe, is a great tourist attraction. It contains 42 bells and 32 life-size figures. Each day at 11am, 12pm, and 5pm, the figures give a performance: The top half – the 1568 wedding of Duke William V and Renata of Lorraine, complete with a jousting match between a Bavaria knight and a Lothringen knight; then the bottom half – a rendition of the cooper’s dance called Schäfferltanz, first performed to mark the end of the plague in 1517.

Here are the two plays. Note: Both the picture and the video were captured by 200mm DX lens, but I didn’t have tripod with me. A monopod, may be. But it’s hard to set up a tripod anyway in a crowded place when the performance was going on. The second half of the 1st play (including the part when the Bavarian knight (blue color) won the joust) was edited out due to too much camera movement.

Inside the St. Michael’s Church

Another Color Outline image.

Olympia Park. The most unfortunate event was during the 1972 Olympic Games, members of the Israeli Olympic team were taken hostage and eventually killed by the Palestinian group Black September.

BMW Museum

BMW 326 Sport Convertible, manufactured between 1936 and 1941, was the most successful pre-war BMW automobile.

BMW R series

BMW R 42, a successor to the R 32, had a 500cc twin engine with power output of 12hp.

BMW R 1200RT with a 1,170cc engine, takes only 3.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. What really caught my eyes is its front looks strikingly alike characters in the Transformers movies.

BMW S 1000 RR with a 999cc engine, takes only 3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. The two head lights are at different shape and size.

BMW G 450 X, exclusively developed for Enduro sport.

BMW 315/1 Roaster, built between 1934 and 1936.

Smokey Joe at Munich airport

Going home. (Disclaimer: I didn’t climb out of the cabin nor did the flight attendants open the windows for me to take these pictures.)

Taking a left turn home.

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3 responses to “Munich

  1. Haici Yao

    March 31, 2012 at 5:21 pm

    Very nice pictures. Thanks for the hard work and sharing.

    Haici Yao

  2. Jenny

    June 1, 2012 at 5:56 am

    GLOCKENSPIEL!!!!!! o(^-^)o


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