Lake Rosseau

28 Oct

Lake Rosseau is one of the many lakes in Muskoka and one of the three largest in the area. The other two are Lake Joseph and Lake Muskoka. The former two were named after Joseph Rousseau, who in the late 1800’s was part of a trading family and was associated with Hon. William Robinson, member of the House of Assembly. Lake Rosseau is 200 km north from Toronto. As with the other area in Muskoka, beautiful summer and fall landscapes make it perfect for resorts and cottages.

We spent a nice long weekend at one of the resorts with another couple of close friends. It was my treat for my wife’s birthday. I’m not going to name the resort as I don’t want to be regarded as an advertiser. But from the picture below, you can tell it does have well design decorations to make you feel warm and relaxed – just what you need for a comfort stay.

One of the cottages and boat house.

I wish there were more clouds at sunrise. We got up very early in the morning, trying to take some beautiful sunrise pictures. Unfortunately, there were not enough clouds. Next morning, again, no clouds. Yes, photographers are picky – it’s bad if somethings are too much, it’s also bad if there are no enough. Well, one can always “Photoshops” some in it. But I am not that desperate.

Taken in the afternoon. Wouldn’t it be nice have these at sunrise?

The next three were taken by iPhone.

The main building. The sun has already risen from horizon.

The pebbles on the roof top. We climbed over the fence and stood over the edge of the roof. (For the kids at home, please don’t practice!)

Again with the pebbles but decided to make some fun to create an abstract image. It’s very easy to do: press the take-picture button while turning your body.

Decorations in resort.

How about some old time stories before going to bed?

One of my favorite animal subject in photography. 😎

Can you tell who’s winning?

Copyright © 2012 Jenson Yu. All rights reserved.

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2 responses to “Lake Rosseau

  1. judi Pressman

    October 29, 2012 at 8:43 am

    Jenson, loved your pictures. Looks like you have a wonderful time and what a wonderful husband to give such a great gift. Hope all is well. Hugs Judi


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