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I Want To Thank …

Everyone knows the fist two months of the year are “Awards months” in US – Golden Globes in January, Grammys and Oscars in February. There are also numerous smaller ones, like Screen Actors Guild Awards, Motion Pictures Sound Editors Awards, etc. He’s thankful. She’s thankful.

This morning, I got up from bed at 8-ish, took shower, brushed teeth, stood on bathroom scale. Woohoo!!! I gained 5 pounds in the last two weeks! I’m really proud of myself!

I want to thank my wife for feeding me. She’s always there for me, in sickness and in health, in poverty or in wealth …

I want to thank Tim Hortons for their wonderful coffee and delicious donuts …

I want to thank the grocery stores I bought the junk foods from …


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Crystal Worlds

Swarovski Kristallwelten. Do I even need to say more about Swarovski crystals? It’s likely the largest crystal manufacturer to produce precisely cut crystal jewelries, mini-sculptures and other home decorations, and has its products, if not it’s own stores, in almost every shopping district, displaying it’s famous swan company logo. Much less expensive than diamonds, yet still presented elegantly with a rainbow appearance (by the use of special metallic coatings), no wonder they are popular in jewelries. Their figurines, especially the miniature animals, are also very adorable.

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A Dolly Parton Movie

“Presenting a short film produced by Dancap Productions Inc., Oscar nominated by … me, we are putting Broadway shows on your big screen ……”

Preparing for the Tourism Week launch, we need some marketing material so we went out to take some pictures with our beloved Dolly Parton and two additional cast members. We had lots of fun during the photo shoot so I decided to make it a “silent movie”.

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Anime North 2011 Conference

Before today, I wasn’t really interested in going to the Anime North conference as I was told it’s just some people dressing like weirdos on the street. But I am glad I did tag along with our friend, even though just taking some pictures outside the Toronto Congress Center building. Not saying I’m too old, but I guess I need to be more open to the next generation. These people (most of them are teenagers) are fun to be with. Some costumes are to mimic characters in animation movies and comic books; some (for example, the “Record Player”) are made from their own creative minds. These people are not shy to be photographed, as long as you ask nicely first. I guess it makes them proud and they would have no problem being shown off on the web. The one thing you shouldn’t ask is, “Who are you?” or “What is your character?” That will make you sound ignorant and dumb. You are “supposed” to know before being in this crowd.

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Funny signage (page 2)

One more page of pictures of funny signage.

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Funny signage

I came across this site and saw some funny signage. I selected a few and showed them below. Most should be self explanatory. All images are credited to original site.

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