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Sunrise at Lake of Two Rivers

Sunrise at Lake of Two Rivers

According to my original plan (before we went out to shoot on that late-September morning) with what I wanted to write about, this post would have ended here. As despite of all our efforts (waking up early, searching for a good spot, standing in cold for an hour), we were only able to get a glimpse of sunlight for a minute or two for the whole time. Hence, I can only present to you this one and only one photo with the sun in it. [Feel free to click on it (and others) to see a larger version.]

Therefore, if you say the rest of story has nothing to do with sunrise, I won’t argue. As a matter of fact, I thought of removing the word from the title. But what the hack, this is not a scientific report. Doesn’t need to be precise here.

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Algonquin (II) Color of Fall

Everyone knows Canada is famous for it’s maple trees, hence the maple leaf symbol on it’s national flag, and it makes and supplies 80% of the world’s maple syrup. Just the province of Quebec (we Canadian call it the French quarter as it’s first official language isn’t English but French) alone makes up the 75% of global production.

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Algonquin (I)

Panorama of one the lakes, composed of 9 images.

Algonquin is the largest provincial park in Ontario, covering 7,653 square kilometers. The park provides the largest camping area, the total longest walking trails, and is the most popular provincial park in the entire country. As it gets very cold and snowy in winters, most of the area are closed at that time. But during other seasons especially in the fall, the colorful landscape – perfect blue skies, calm and clear lake water and the red/yellow/green leaves – attracts many people for visiting.

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