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Hong Kong

Panorama of Hong Kong island at night

Hong Kong is a popular place for travelers. But every time we go, we just passed it by and spent less than a day to see my uncle and his family. This time was no different. I was itching to compose a series of pictures to depict the local life style, and maybe tell a story, but just didn’t have the time.

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Feng Huang at Night

Although it looks old at daytime, the street blocks by the river turn into a big club house at night. This is the most dramatic change I’ve ever seen in a place. On both sides of the river, neon lights stretch two kilometers long. Disco music thunders from the countless bars. You can see some pictures of them in last post. They are so quiet during the day. But after sunset, only people under 30 can “enjoy” that noise. We also took a peek at their price list. A bottle of red wine costs 600 yuan ($100 US/Canadian). We kept wondering how they could afford it in a place like this.

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Feng Huang (Pheonix) County

From Zhang Jia Jie, we took the train to Ji Shou, then a coach bus to Feng Huang (map). The one and a half hours’ bus ride was like being on a roller coaster. There are lots of potholes on the road and it’s also very dusty – typical countryside condition in China. There is no need to book hotels in advance as there are hundreds of small inns alone the riverside, all in similar conditions, price various from 50 to 100 yuan. The first night we were charged for 100 yuan as we didn’t know how to bargin. We found the tourist area was interesting and decided to spend one more day to explore the place more thoroughly. The price went up to 150 yuan for the second night. The owner of the inn said it was so because the second night was Friday and there would be more tourists coming for the weekend. That could be so. But we believe it was more likely because we are “foreigners” using foreign country passports as identification paper. We said no and went to another inn two doors down the street. They charged only 80 yuan.

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Zhang Jia Jie

I’m gonna leave the rest of Austria pictures for future posts and jump into the ones taken during the trip to China earlier this month, as some of our friends are eager to see them.

Zhang Jia Jie National Park in Hunan province has been a known tourist area for many years. The Avatar 3D movie released two years ago made it even more famous and popular. Since my wife and I haven’t really been to many places in China despite the fact that we were born in that country, we decided to take a side trip and go see it ourselves.

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