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Small Austrian Towns on Danube River (II)

Dürnstein is a small (with less than 1,000 residents) but lovely town on the Donau. It’s a popular place for tourists, especially in the summer.

These are the ruins of the castle fortress, where in 1193, Duke Leopold V who was ruling Austria at that time held King Richard I Lionheart of England prisoner. The story goes: For quite some time, nobody knew exactly where King Richard was imprisoned in Austria. But his loyal minstrel companion, Blondel, had an idea. He went from castle to castle, playing his lute and singing Richard’s favorite songs. The tactic paid off, the legend says, for at Dürnstein, Richard heard Blondel’s singing and sang the lyrics in reply. Then everybody knew where he was. The castle was virtually demolished by the troops of the Swedish Empire in 1645.

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Small Austrian Towns on Danube River (I)

(I actually prefer using the German word Donau than the English translation Danube. Even though I did look it up, I totally don’t get it how it got translated that way in the first place. To me, it just pronounces in a strange way. Annnnyway …)

Donau is the second longest river in Europe. It originates from Black Forest in Germany, flows through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine and Romania and ends into the Black Sea, total 2,872 km.

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