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Feng Huang (Pheonix) County

From Zhang Jia Jie, we took the train to Ji Shou, then a coach bus to Feng Huang (map). The one and a half hours’ bus ride was like being on a roller coaster. There are lots of potholes on the road and it’s also very dusty – typical countryside condition in China. There is no need to book hotels in advance as there are hundreds of small inns alone the riverside, all in similar conditions, price various from 50 to 100 yuan. The first night we were charged for 100 yuan as we didn’t know how to bargin. We found the tourist area was interesting and decided to spend one more day to explore the place more thoroughly. The price went up to 150 yuan for the second night. The owner of the inn said it was so because the second night was Friday and there would be more tourists coming for the weekend. That could be so. But we believe it was more likely because we are “foreigners” using foreign country passports as identification paper. We said no and went to another inn two doors down the street. They charged only 80 yuan.

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Food Photography for Dancap Catering Inc

(As part of the consolidation of my pictures on the ‘Net, I’m transferring this set of photos from my Flickr page, plus a few more. The reason of not using Flickr as my main photo site is explained here.)

The story: Dancap Catering is one of the divisions of the company I’m currently working for. It not only provides prix fixe dinner for show patrons of it’s sister company, Dancap Producitons, but also provides catering service for any events. In an effort of marketing the service, the company needed some food photos taken of what they can offer and I volunteered.

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