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If you notice I haven’t posted much lately, that’s because I have to study for some certification exams, and the first one is coming up in April. Work in the day and study in the evening. Whoever has done this before knows how hard it is. Since photography and blogs are just my hobbies and I don’t make any money off them, they will have to go down to a lower priority.

Austria only has a few direct international flights for us to fly home – we don’t like connection flights. (We almost missed the regional flight from Munich to Vienna at the beginning of this trip.) However, it’s more flexible at Munich. Plus, it gave us a chance to re-visit and took a better look of the city, and, at the previous time I didn’t have a good camera ;-).

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What about HDR?

Picture #1, Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

Since my blogs are for all levels of audience, some may not know what HDR is. The short description: It’s a technique to fuse two or more images together to simulate what your eyes can see in nature. A bit longer description: Human eyes can see wider luminance range from black to white because the pupils constantly adjust their opening to adapt to ambient light. However, camera sensors cannot sense something that’s too dark or too bright. It’s dynamic range is very limited. So we take two or more pictures, one adjusted to very dark area and another to the very bright area and maybe a few in the middle. All pictures are then layered together to, sort of, present what it’s likely to be seen by our eyes. An even longer description: Well, if you’re really into that, you’d better do some research yourself on the Internet, as I’m not trying to write a thesis here.

(On a side note, you would realize in 2002/2003 Google started being really popular when the word “google” became a verb. “Just google it.” means the same as “Just do a search on the Internet.” in the older days. If Microsoft’s Bing can eventually grab more shares in the search engine market, I would like to hear people say, “Just bing it!” It sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it? “Just bing it!” On the other hand, no one would likely say “Yahoo it.” It’s a two-syllable word, it sounds weird. To be fair, I’m not against Yahoo. Alright, enough of that.)

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