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Small Austrian Towns on Danube River (I)

(I actually prefer using the German word Donau than the English translation Danube. Even though I did look it up, I totally don’t get it how it got translated that way in the first place. To me, it just pronounces in a strange way. Annnnyway …)

Donau is the second longest river in Europe. It originates from Black Forest in Germany, flows through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine and Romania and ends into the Black Sea, total 2,872 km.

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New Brunswick

Panorama view of one of the lakes in Rockwood Park, Saint John

Using the Thanksgiving long weekend last year, we flew to New Brunswick for a short vacation. One of the excuses for this 4-day trip was that I didn’t get enough practices with the camera. Therefore, I needed to go somewhere and “practice”, and along the way “bring” the missus.

To many people, New Brunswick isn’t really famous for tourism and for sure isn’t crowded with tourists at all. But there is Fundy National Park and the Hopewell Rocks for sightseeing. We started our journey from Saint John, picked up a rental car and drove along the south coast along the Bay of Fundy that connects to Atlantic Ocean.
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Taking panoramic photos

From my experiences, here is my two-cents of how to do it.

For exposure, only use Aperture priority mode or Manual mode on the camera. Avoid Shutter priority, Program and other auto modes, as you should keep aperture value consistent across all images. Even with Aperture priority mode, you need to make use of the AE-L (auto-exposure lock) button so that all images will have same exposure, instead of one being brighter, another one being darker. It looks bad if one part of sky is blue, but the next part of it is white. Use smaller aperture f8 or f11 to have large depth of field, to have much of the scene to appear sharp.

Switch to manual focus mode on your lens. If you choose AF-S, single servo auto-focus mode, (AF-A and AF-C are no good for our purpose here,) after making the first attempt of auto focusing — press shutter-release button half-way, still switch it to manual focus on your lens, so that the focus plane won’t change across all images. There is, of course, another way, which involves changing the behavior of the AF-L (auto-focus lock) button and use that button to do the focusing job, hence the shutter-release button won’t try to re-focus for each image.

For focus area mode, switch to single point mode and use the center point to focus, as the center of any lens has the best image quality and best focus accuracy.

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