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Today is probably the only day that doesn’t rain in these two weeks. When we got home after work, we are so excited to see the tulips and narcissus all beautifully unfolded their petals. Here they are. Enjoy.

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Our Garden

Living in Canada is not easy. Some people can afford to buy a house but can’t keep up with their mortgage payment. Even if they can, they have to use a large portion of their income to do so. In China, these kind of folks are called “房奴”, meaning “slave to the house”, because that’s what they are “working for”.

Well, me and my wife are “slave to our house” too, but we are different kind of slaves. We bought the house, finished the renovation, and fortunately the monthly mortgage payment is not a big burden. Yet still, we are stranded — by our garden.

Believe me, keeping a garden in both front and back yard nice and tidy and beautifully looking is no small matter and not suitable for faint hearts. Every year, we spent lots of time and efforts in our yards, not just mowing the lawn and spreading glass seeds in sprint and fall, but also planted lots of roses and some trees and other flowers. I’m not saying our garden is the most beautiful one in our neighborhood. It is not at all. But sometimes when people pass by and say, “nice flowers” or the neighbor says to you over the fence, “those are beautiful roses”, that’s all it takes for us to keep on.

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