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Salzburg: City of Mozart

This is the second time we went to Salzburg in 13 months, as mentioned previously. It’s one of the major cities of Austria and I think many people has been there as it’s also a popular place for tourists. It’s not large – size-wise. But it’s surely a beautiful city and we were just awed by the Austrian culture.

The Salzach River runs through the city and divides it by two. The Old Town lies on the west side of the river, where a monastery and bishopric were founded in 700 A.D. The city and the river got their name from early residents who earned their living in the region’s salt mines.

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Macro Photography

Since we’ve been on the topic of flowers, I might as well give you my take on macro photography now. This article is targeted to amateur and junior level photographers. I’m mostly referring to flowers here. But macro photography can be about anything small. Insects, for instance, are also popular subjects. (Feel free to click on each picture to see a larger version.)

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