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Salzburg Dom

Folks who are familiar with European history, especially the histories about religion, will know the German word Dom means Cathedral in English. (On another note, when we visited these foreign countries, I was always fascinated by their cultures and I always wished I could speak some of their languages. I wish I could speak some French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese (which we haven’t been to yet, but hope soon), etc and etc. Not just for buying things at the local markets, or ordering meals in restaurants, but to chat with the local people and learn from them. Therefore, I always admire people who are multilingual. One example is Susan in our office at work who has backgrounds from many different countries and speaks 6 languages fluently. To me, she’s just amazing. Anyway, I am not gonna drift too far because it’s not really my topic today.)

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Salzburg: City of Mozart

This is the second time we went to Salzburg in 13 months, as mentioned previously. It’s one of the major cities of Austria and I think many people has been there as it’s also a popular place for tourists. It’s not large – size-wise. But it’s surely a beautiful city and we were just awed by the Austrian culture.

The Salzach River runs through the city and divides it by two. The Old Town lies on the west side of the river, where a monastery and bishopric were founded in 700 A.D. The city and the river got their name from early residents who earned their living in the region’s salt mines.

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My Gears

Two years ago, my wife and I were on a trip in Salzburg, Austria. After taking some photos in the Cathedral, we viewed them on a computer and found them totally unacceptable, all dark and blurry. The FujiFilm FinePix A330 was not up for the job. In daylight, it seemed fine. But it’s pretty much useless in dimmed places such as churches. So we decided to get a new one to replace the 5-year-old A330 which we got for free with Air Miles points.

I happened to mention it to our friend Pietro S. and he persuaded, or seduced, me to get a DSLR instead of a point-and-shoot one. The price was a bit too high than our budget. So I’d been doing some researches, going to sites such as, trying to justify my mentality, and decided on the Nikon D5000. (To this date, I still think at entry level, Nikon DSLRs beats Canon by a notch.) There was a sales promotion for buying the D5000 with 18-55mm kit lens plus 55-200mm VR. I’ve been using them to this date. However, I do feel very inconvenient to change lens all the time when taking vacation photos. Nikon does have a 18-200mm lens. But it’s filter attachment size is 72mm which makes the 52mm filters (more of this in a moment) I also bought unusable.

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