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Is it a painting?

In one of the evening in Venice, 8:23pm, the sun had already set. We were walking on one of the many bridges. Far away at the end of narrow canal, I saw a man rowing a gondola. It was dark in the canal and I saw him against the brighter background. A silhouette image jumped into my mind. Without hesitating, I raised my camera, because after a few seconds, the man would have rowed away.

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Shoot the Moon

On the day March 19, 2011, when the moon was the largest of the year, I didn’t have one single photo of it, either because I was too lazy to go out or felt asleep earlier in the night. So this time when we were at the San Marco Square in Venice and I saw a full moon hanging in a dark sky with no stars nearby, I said to myself I had to give it a shot. I figured using the 200mm (DX) lens, and maybe a bit cropping on the image, the moon in my final picture could be super-sized, right into your face.

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(This is the last of three parts of our Italy trip.)

If you haven’t been to Venice, it will take your breath away the moment you walk out of the train station. That’s the excitement we have experienced. We of course had heard about it many times from different sources. But to be there and see it with your own eyes, it’s just unbelievable. Once the water bus started leaving the dock, I just couldn’t help but kept snapping pictures. It’s like a kid entering into a wonderland.

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